February 24th, 2010


Thank You

i apologize for leaving this community neglected for so long. i plan to finish posting all the submissions i have received so far.

i realize that many events have since been unlocked. and honestly i don't think that i can keep up with the rate of events, both ribbon & jewel, & new shell spring items that poupee has been releasing recently. plus, the layout of the poupee rooms have changed, so my older tutorials on screencaps aren't accurate anymore. additionally, because of how i set up this database, i also realize that i can't simply hand it over to someone else. the original poster is the only one capable of updating previous entries made. so as of now the database is going to be closed.

the only entries that will be deleted are the other updates & wishlists. all other entries with screencaps & the like will be taken down.

i wanted to thank everyone that has helped make this possible. thank you for supporting database with your submissions & support. i really appreciate it. this community would never have made much of anything without everyone's help & input.